Join the Challenge Club for a unique sporting experience, where individuality meets the power of team spirit! Take part in this legendary team race and seize the opportunity to write a new chapter by winning the 2nd edition of the Challenge Club. Don't miss this opportunity to outdo yourself and win as a team!

How does grading work?

The ranking will be made after having cumulated the points of the members of the club according to their event.

Below are the points for each participant:

  • Xtrem Top finisher = 226 + 100 points
  • Xtrem Lake finisher = 226 points
  • Half finisher = 118 points
  • Xperience = 36 points

Take advantage of the club rate!

The more you are, the more chances you have to win!

To qualify, you need to mobilize at least 8 people (all events combined).

You can then take advantage of the special group offer applicable to your registration fee: from €5 to €20 discount depending on the event you register for.

Find out more about discounts for different events! ⬇️

⚠️ ATTENTION: As a reminder, the minimum number of participants in a group must be 8. Any group with fewer than 8 participants on May 24 will be required to reimburse the amount corresponding to the reduction, failing which they will not be able to collect their number on the day of the event.

How do I apply?

1️⃣ A member of my club fills in the form HERE.

2️⃣ Within a few days, the contact person will receive an e-mail containing all the information to be shared with club members in order to register and benefit from the discount.

3️⃣ When registration opens, each member of the group must use his or her own registration link to benefit from the associated discount (or the coordinator in charge, but beware of the time required to enter data for individual members).

4️⃣ Payment can be made in two ways: individually or in groups.

5️⃣ On the day of the race, you can pick up your race number with ease. It's up to you!

If you register with your club's members, you'll be able to take part in the second edition of the Challenge Club.

- Events fill up quickly. To avoid disappointment, we recommend that you form your group before registration opens.
- There are no reserved registration quotas for clubs. As with individual entries, once registration is complete, clubs will have to register individually on the waiting list.
- Please make sure that you fill in your individual details, which will be sent to you by the group manager.