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Take the plunge!

From the Half to the Xtrem Triathlon, there is only one step...

The Xtrem Triathlon is a real change of life, a change of daily habits!

As Guillaume Camous, finisher of the Half in 2021 and finisher of the Xtrem Triathlon in 2022, would say, "There is something sacred about this race"!

The sneakers put away, the suit folded... The long run was over for him... His infinite desire to overcome the impossible led him to push the doors of our event. Going from the Half to the Xtrem Triathlon was for him a real upheaval in his life, 6 months of preparation, an intense training program, daily follow-ups, to reach the summit and feel the ultimate pleasure of having reached it!

Through this poignant testimony, immerse yourself in Guillaume's story and in the AlpsMan universe!