Ring the bell

9Dec 19

You arrived 1min 49sec before closing the “Tournant”. Can you explain us your feelings when you have rung the bell ? When you pass the “Tournant”, you feel less under […]

Benjamin’s Alpsman

15Nov 19
How did you feel during the Semnoz climbing ? During the first kilometers, I was really excited, and happy to be finally on the bike for this race after many [...]

AlpsMan by Pascal Giguet

31Oct 19
AlpsMan is an amazing experience, Pascal Giguet explain how he lives shuttle travel... Can you explain us how did you feel when you got on board ? Actually, I lived [...]

AlpsMan 2020 : Registration !

8Oct 19

AlpsMan 2020 will take place next 4th & 5th june 2020. It will be the time to go at the most difficult French XXL Triathlon ! The subscribing are open […]

Registration now open

30Sep 19
C'est officiel les inscriptions de l'AlpsMan Xtrem Triathlon sont ouvertes ! L'épreuve aura lieu le samedi 6 juin 2020 ! That's official, AlpsMan Xtrem Triathlon registrations are open ! The [...]


25Jul 19

Get prepare for AlpsMan 2020 ! Keys date : 30th September 2019 : AlpsMan Xtrem Triathlon Registration opening 6th & 7th June 2020 : 5th Edition AlpsMan Xtrem Triathlon