Interview : Jarmo Rissanen - AlpsMan winner 2018 - AlpsMan

Interview : Jarmo Rissanen – AlpsMan winner 2018

– How did you hear about AlpsMan ?

-I heard Alpsman from Andreas Linden YouTube channel. I met him Portocolom triathlon.


–  What was the reason that made you come to AlpsMan ?

-I was interested beautifull hilly course. And swimming  not in open sea, so not much big waves to expect. Also running with no downhills, so more gentle for legs =)


–  Were you afraid to get into such a difficult race ?

-I was afraid bit can i be fast in downhills, because i had no experience mountain descents. Also nutrition was not easy to thinking, with so long bike section. Next year i hope there would be normal bike bottles also in aid stations, for bike bottlecages. 


– Quel souvenir en gardes-tu ? What did you feel on the boat ? How was the jump into the water in the middle of the lake ? How do you remember it ?

-Swim was very nice to start from boat, no running rush to water. Atmosphere was really nice and new experience.


– Jarmo, you are the  winner. How did you get prepared for the AlpsMan ?

-I prepared normally like other long races. Only thinking what bike to use. Road or timetrial bike. I was testing road and tt bikes with hills, to decide which would be better for Alpsman. I had road bike, maybe next year i have tt bike =) Also with nutrition much thinking before race with so long bike section and overal distance with hills.



– You said that you had a difficult start of the race, can you explain ?

-My start of run was difficult, with very bad stomach problems after about 2km, i had to emptying my stomach many times and started feeling weak. After about 17km running, my stomach started feeling good again and started feeling very strong again, after drinking colas and water from aid stations. Going Semnoz was very strong all way. And that was amazing feeling after bad problems, it was small mirracle i think. 


– When you arrived at the top of Semnoz, how did you feel ?

-It was amazing feeling arriving Semnoz very beautifull landscapes and coming together with nature really, it was feeling that Semnoz never ends, but same time feeling my power also never ends, if i just keep pushing =) Talking with other athletes was just so nice after race, all athletes really had to give so much.


– During the race, you are surrounded by beautiful landscapes, did you have time to enjoy them ?

-I really enjoyed landscapes during race and got power from there. Its same with training, you get power from dreaming places where you will be nicely suffer when race day comes.


– Are you going to come back in 2019 to defend your title ?

-I will be coming back 2019 and i hope balanced going day , and some my friends from Finland will be coming 2019 and 2020 also.