Course - AlpsMan


SWIMMING – 1,9 km

You will start from the beach of Saint-Jorioz. You will do two 950m loops with an Australian-style outing. As soon as you leave the water, you will have to walk 100m to reach the transition zone and start the cycling part.

Mass Start: 8:30 a.m.

Time Barrier: 9:30 a.m. (Out of the water)

BIKE – 100 km

True to AlpsMan’s DNA, the bike part won’t spare you. Once out of the transition zone, you will take the direction of the Col de Leschaux via Entrevernes. This two-step ascent will put you on your feet for the rest of the route. Once you have passed this first pass, you will go down towards Lescheraines before attacking the second hard point of this route, the ascent to the Col de Plainpalais. 12.5 km of ascent from Lescheraines at an average of 4.6% and passages at more than 8%, this is where the first big gaps will be made. After a long descent towards Saint Jean d’Arvey you will turn left to take the direction of the Col des Prés. This sunny pass offers a magnificent view of the Chartreuse massif and the Chambérien basin. A little more than 11 km of ascent at more than 6.5% and passages at more than 9%. Once the Col des Prés is over, you will start a hilly section of about 30 km to reach the Col de Leschaux again. From this point you will only have the descent to Saint-Jorioz to reach the transition zone and start the running part.

Mass Start: 11:15 a.m. in Lescheraines

Time barrier: 3:00 p.m. at the exit of the bike park

RUNNING  – 16 km

Last part of this AlpsMan half: the run is a steep 16 km climb.  From Saint-Jorioz to Monnetier, you’ll start on a flat surface for three kilometres, just to stretch your legs a bit. Then the slope will slope slightly for the next six kilometres to La Bauche. A small portion of flat will allow you to catch your breath before getting to the heart of the matter. The last six kilometres will only be uphill to the finish. For some of you it will be a formality, for others, a real challenge. From Saint-Jorioz to the top of the Semnoz you will accumulate 1300 meters of positive height difference over 16 km, becoming a finisher in the AlpsMan Half Triathlon is something you have to earn.

Time barrier: 7:00 p.m. (stopwatch at the finish)