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Benjamin’s Alpsman

  • How did you feel during the Semnoz climbing ?

During the first kilometers, I was really excited, and happy to be finally on the bike for this race after many months of preparation. Even if it was a bit cold, I had good feelings, the mental was good. Then, I succeeded to follow my rhythm without pushing myself too much.

  • What were the most difficult moments for you on the bike ?

I would say the second climbing of Col des Prés, as it was last year. The heat, the fatigue make these second climbing really hard. We all know before being on the bike that this part is going to be demanding and it is always the case… During these moments, the most important is to push yourself and to be good in your head !

  • On the bike part, you are most of the time alone. Where did you find the strength and the bravery to push yourself beyond your limits ?

The key is to set some different goals on the bike route : Semnoz climbing, Semnoz downhill, then the next pass… By doing that, you have some reachable goals. During the difficult moments, you have to set lowest goals, like the next turn of the Col des Prés, the next refreshment point… It helps you to stay focus. It is also important to listen your body to adjust the effort, the food… And I try as much I can to get rid of negative waves by thinking of my family that supports me.

  • What is your best memory during this bike route ?

I keep in mind the first kilometers of going up to Semnoz : the view, the landscapes, the light are amazing !

  • Any advice for those who will face this route for the first time in June ?

For those who want to be part of this adventure, you have to get prepared for the bike part for sure ! But the most important is to take as much as pleasure that you can and to enjoy every landscapes of this race : the lake, the mountains… ! That is the best advice that I can give !