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AlpsMan Xtrem Triathlon, a human adventure

Climbing the Semnoz is one of the most difficult part of the race. Elie Besson Piton, AlpsMan 2019 finisher explain his feeling during the race.

How did you feel while going up ?
First, ringing the bell was a victory, so you feel relaxed when you start climbing. At first, I saw many athletes going up with me and we all supported each other. It feels great to have supports like that… The climbing is hard and steep at some parts, and since I did not have anyone with me, I tried to stay strong in my head and to be focus on the finish line. I had a really bad moment at km 34, but Coke and supports saved me !

When you went out of the forest and you started to see the top, what did you feel ?
The landscapes, the view on Mont-Blanc were breathtaking. It was amazing ! And this view helps you to keep focus and strong until the end. It is like you have never been tired… What a feeling !

When you got closer from the finish line and you listened all the people supporting you, what was in your mind ?
It was just happiness, satisfaction from having completed my goal. I thought I would cry but no, I was smiling like never and it was just feelings of happiness…

When you crossed the finish line, what are the memories you kept in your mind ?
The landscapes, the smile on the face of my husband, all the supporters. It was amazing…

Any advices for the future participants ?
Get ready ! And enjoy trainings, even if they are hard. During the race, enjoy every moment : it is not a simple race, it is an adventure ! Be careful on the bike to keep energy give everything you can on the running part. And the most important : be strong in your mind ! Good luck !