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AlpsMan Xperience

Sunday 5th June 2022

The concept

AlpsMan Xperience 

You’ve always dream to take part of Triathlon, but you’ve never did it ? AlpsMan Xperience is for you !

In 2022, AlpsMan Xperience change, and begin a “TriRace”

This new race is the best way to try 3 differents sports. Without transition and approachable distances, in the best place to be, in Annecy Lake !

Without transitions, you will get time to enjoy without stress. Perfect to have your first triathlete sensation.

This 3 races have the same unique place “le Lac d’Annecy “!

SWIM : 1 km

Start from St-Jorioz port for an unseen 1 km to join St-Jorioz beach.

Start : 7:30am

BIKE : 27 km

27km to enjoy the road in Les Bauges

> Start: 8:45am

RUN : 8 km

This 8 km race brings you on AlpsMan Xtrem running part. Along the lake, you will have the best spot to run !

The start will be organize by pursuit. The time about the other races will etablish the grid. For the other, the start will be a mass start.

Start : 11:00am