L'AlpsMan vous lance le défi les 6 & 7 juin ! - AlpsMan

AlpsMan Challenge on 6th & 7th

Even if AlpsMan has been canceled, we wanted to organize a challenge during the weekend and to include you in this challenge. Triathlon is an individual sport but for this challenge is to be united to complete the goal !
Last year, the 377 finishers of Alpsman made 85 000 km and 1 964 096 m D+. We decided to challenge you : the goal is to complete this amount of kilometers during the weekend. Since we are good guys, we will not take the positive ascent into account.
All together get ready to reach the 85 000 km mark swimming, biking or running. One for!  All for one : get your beloved ones together to take up this challenge.
 It is easy to take part : first join our Strava Club here. If we reach our goal, the we will draw a participant who will win a free registration for AlpsMan Xtrem Triathlon or AlpsMan Half Triathlon.
A reminder od the 2019 edition winners :
 – Linda Guinoiseau : 13 h 49 min 46 sec
 – Thomas Lemaitre : 11 h 42 min 59 sec
Watch the 2019 movie to live again this amazing adventure !