AlpsMan by Pascal Giguet - AlpsMan

AlpsMan by Pascal Giguet

AlpsMan is an amazing experience, Pascal Giguet explain how he lives shuttle travel…

Can you explain us how did you feel when you got on board ?
Actually, I lived this moment 200 times in my head… so when I got on board, I did not think too much about what was going on. I was thinking more about my equipment that I could have left in the bike area…

What were your thoughts on the boat ?
I had the chance to have some friends already on the boat. They got on board among the first ones, so they were comfortably installed on a table and they kept a place for me. They knew how stressed I was to jump into the water because of my bad swimming skills… So they joked about it and finally it is how we succeeded to relax during these minutes before the start.Stress is rising before jump into the water.

How did you manage it ?
I waited a lot before going to jump… just in case the swimming part would be cancelled ! But finally, I had to go… When I was about to jump I realized that I was not the more stressed one here. There are a lot of Pascal on this boat ! I took advantage of this moment of doubts among my fellows to be the first of the wimps to jump… and splash !
This moment was the one that I feared more during my preparation. I was other thinking “and if you can not jump?”, “and if you sink?”, “and if someone else jump on you?”… And today, 5 months later this amazing AlpsMan adventure, I can finally say that I loved this moment. With the Semnoz climb, this “wimp” jump will remain my best memory of the race !