Ring the bell - AlpsMan

Ring the bell

You arrived 1min 49sec before closing the “Tournant”. Can you explain us your feelings when you have rung the bell ?
When you pass the “Tournant”, you feel less under pressure. I was relieved… I joined my wife who was supposed to finish the race with me. I was so happy to share that with her… After resting a bit, I took my Camelbak, I spoke a bit with people who passed as well and we started to walk together in direction of Semnoz.

And what happened next ?
300m after leaving, I took a break because after all we had time… but I started to feel sick and I threw up. And after that, I feel a bit better… so we started again. But 1km after, I felt the same. Even with the support of my wife and the volunteers, I did not feel better but I decided to go again. I cannot eat anymore and after the first refreshment point, it is the moment when we decided to stop…AlpsMan is emotionnally intense.

What was the best moment of the day ?
Ringing the bell was intense… But the best part was to share the climbing to Semnoz with my wife. Sophie had the words to make me going to the top… But this time, It is my body that said stop.

Any advices for our 2020 participants to arrive on time to ring the bell ?
Bike, bike, bike bike !!!