Recover by Jacuzzi®

he triathlon imposes intense efforts and the body is tested severely. Due to its XXL format, AlpsMan will be demanding for your body but also for your head!

Indeed, take the departure of this race is a physical challenge, but it is also a mental one. With 3,8 km of swimming, 183 km of bike and 42 km of running, you will necessarily know bad moments. It is when the mental is important: it will help you to overtake them. To take the departure in good « mental » conditions, it is essential to rest and to take time to relax.


Jacuzzi® helps you with your recovery thanks to its new ARGA bathtub. With the new Swirlpool technology, you will enjoy an enveloping comfort. The delicate vortices created by the colorful glow of water jets will make you give up on all tensions and pressures. These warm, magical and precious reflections make ARGA a magnificent tool for chromotherapy.

Jacuzzi® offers a soothing recovery after your workouts or competitions. And the experience of the ARGA bathtub promises to be unique and will be a major asset for arriving in the best physical and mental conditions for AlpsMan.

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