Article 1 : L’AlpsMan

The AlpsMan is a Triathlon organised by the AlpsMan association. Competitors shall be subject to the rules presented herein.

IRONMAN Triathlon distance: 3.8k of swimming, 180k of cycling, and a full 26.2 mile marathon.

The three disciplines follow one after the other with no clock stoppage. Individual challenge only.


Article 2: Eligibility

Alpsman is an extreme triathlon event open to everyone, with or without a license, of minimum 20 years of age in this calendar year (born at latest in 1998).

Those who hold a license with the Fédération Française de Triathlon or the ITU, validated in 2018, that allows for competition (excluding recreational licenses and managers) are required to attach it to their registration. The license will use as a medical certificate.

Those who do not hold a license are required to present a medical certificate, issued less than 1 year before the day of the event, attesting the ability to perform competitive triathlons.


Article 3: General rules of the race

The triathlon is under the control of referees appointed by the organization.

Registration will be closed once the quota of 450 competitors is filled.

The race order is swimming, cycling, running.

The briefing for competitors is taking place on Friday, June 9 at 7 pm before the Pasta party in the Esplanade du lac at Saint-Jorioz. All competitors are required to attend.

No outside assistance and accompaniment during the race is allowed (supply, bicycle repairs…) except for the personal supplies described in Article 5 and the supporter designated for the final ascent to the Semnoz (see article Semnoz final ascent – running)

If a participant is escorted to a restricted area, a penalty box or disqualification will be applied.

An identity document must be presented before race number can be issued. Any competitor, even from another club, may pick up another competitor’s number bib as long as they present their own ID and that of the competitor whose number bib they are picking up.

Athletes must wear race numbers on their backs during the cycling segment, on their chests during the running, making sure that this number is never hidden or taken off.

Cut-off times are set by the organiser for the safety of all (see Article 9).Once the cut-off time has passed, all participants will be disqualified from the race by a referee and must hand their number bibs to this referee.

Any competitor wishing to give up must hand his/her racing number in to the nearest race official.

The organiser shall supply each competitor with: Swim cap (compulsory to wear) 1 number bib, 1 stickers plate (bike, helmets…) and 5 bags to store the race items. This equipment will become the property of the competitor after the raceA transponder can be borrowed in exchange for a deposit (€80 or license or ID), which will be returned after the end of the race once the transponder is handed back in.

Swimming :

Wearing a wetsuit is mandatory if water temperatures are below 16°C/60.8°F on the day of the event.
Wearing a wetsuit is prohibited if water temperatures are above 24°C/75.2°F

The only equipment permitted during the swim segment: Goggles, wetsuit (see previous paragraph), swim cap and nose clip.

Participants are required to pass the buoys on the correct side, as explained during the briefing. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

Bike :

It is compulsory to wear a helmet with a rigid structure, with the chinstrap securely fastened, as soon as the bike is taken in hand.

It is prohibited to overtake another competitor on any crossing or bridge passage

Respect for the rules of the road is mandatorywith violations punishable by a red card. The cycling event is an individual time trial over the open road.

The propulsion of the bicycle shall be generated solely by the legs (lower muscle chain) in a circular motion using a pedal and gear mechanism, with no assistance, electrical or otherwise. Equipment inspections may be made.

Drafting behind or alongside a competitor is prohibited. The referees and the race organisers will be extremely vigilant and will sanction competitors in violation of this rule with a black card. This forces the participant to make a penalty lap of the marathon route. If this lap is not made, the result will be the disqualification of the competitor. The penalty area will be located near the “Lac” (lake) arrival site at Espace Augustine Coutin

Mounting the bikes inside the bike parking areaing area is prohibited; competitors are required walk. Bikes will be parked by the wheel in the bike parking area.

Mount and dismount lines will be clearly designated at the entrance and exit of the bike parking area. Mounting the bike before the designated mount‐line is prohibited and competitors must restrict themselves to pushing their bikes on foot.

In the event of theft or damage, the organiser’s liability is limited to the bicycles placed under the organiser’s responsibility in the bike parking area. The organiser cannot be held responsible for any minor equipment.

Running :

Wearing a head-torch is mandatory from 8pm onwards, whatever the final chosen running route.

Sticks are forbidden, regardless of the final running course used. This also applies to the accompanying person on the final climb

Supporter Final ascent Semnoz – running

The accompanying person is authorized for the final ascent to Semnoz but not obligatory. It must be designated at the time of registration and provide the following information: surname, first name, date of birth (min. 20 years old), telephone number, email, medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of running in competition or competition licence FFA, FFTRI, FFCO. The designated escort will be identified by an accompanying number of the athlete he will follow.

The accompanying person is not allowed to run in front of the participant in competition, only on the side or behind without physical assistance. The chaperone is present for the safety of his athlete and must be physically able to perform this event.



Article 4: “Le Tournant” (Turning Point) of the 25th km of the run segment

There is a line on the 25th km of the run segment called “Le Tournant”. Competitors who cross this line before 5:30pm may continue the race with the climb up the Semnoz where the “Sommet” (Summit) finishing line awaits them, to earn their places as “Top Finishers”.

Whoever crosses the line after 5:30pm must continue the race with 2 laps identical to the first 3 and those who cross the “Lac” finishing line before midnight (as measured by the stopwatch) become “Lake Finishers”.

If a competitor who crosses the line before 5:30pm chooses not to take the “Ascension” (climb) route, he/she will be penalised (the size of the penalty depends on how much time remains from the moment the competitor decides to proceed without climbing the Semnoz to the closing time of the “Tournant”, 5:30pm).

Conversely, the Semnoz climb is prohibited to all competitors going through the “Tournant” line after 5:30pm for security reasons on pain of being disqualified.

Competitors will descend from the “Sommet” by cars or bus of the organization.

NB: The organization allows itself to advance the cut off at  “Le Tournant” due to weather conditions the day of the event. The possible evolution of this schedule will be announced at the morning briefing, or, at the input / output of the Bike Park by visually highlighted.


Article 5: Provision of food, drink and supplies


There will be 1 supply of food and drink in place at the water exit, at the entrance to the transition area.


2. Cycle:

10 items of food, drink and personal supplies are prescribed during the course of the bike segment, of which:

Ravitaillement_bike_AM17 3.Run:

12 items of food, drink and personal supplies are prescribed during each run segment.


4.Personal supplies:

For personal supplies, as detailed in the list of places below, the participants may:

either leave their personal belongings (supplies + clothes + equipment), in the bags furnished on Friday for this purpose, sorting them into the three storage bins at the entrance to the transition area:

  • Lescheraines Vélo (Cycle) / 2) Le Tournant Càp / 3) La Bauche/La Touvière Càp

or get them dropped off on the day of the event by their accompaniers at each of the prescribed refreshment zones. The unused bags will be taken to the transition area to be picked up by participants after the race.

5.Composition of supplies:

Supplies are to be composed of the following:

Liquid: water, energy drink, soft drink (eg. Coca Cola)

Solid :Fruits: fresh (oranges, bananas, apples) and dry (apricots, raisins, prunes)

Fruits: fresh (oranges, bananas, apples) and dry (apricots, raisins, prunes)

Energy products: bar, gel

Various sources of sugar: pound cake, chocolate, gingerbread

Salty: Tome des Bauges (salty cheese), salami, chips


Article 6: Ranking and prizes

Top ranking will be given to the competitors who cross the “Top” finishing line, in the order of their finishing times. Next in the ranking come the competitors who cross the “Lake” finishing line, even if they have achieved shorter times than some of those crossing the “Top” finishing line.

There will therefore be only one ranking, with the last to the “Top” preceding the first to the “Lac”.

Note: Only “Top Finishers” will receive prizes; a competitor finishing in the top 5 and not reaching the finishing line at the summit of the Semnoz cannot receive a prize. Competitors who are not present at the awards ceremony on Sunday 11th June, starting at 11am, will also forfeit their prizes. Below is the prize table:


Article 7: Categories

The categories are as follows. Those to receive prizes at the awards ceremony:

  • The top 5 men in the general ranking
  • The top 3 women in the general ranking
  • And the 3 top achievers in each age category.


Article 8: Event schedule

Friday 8th June

2pm – 7pm: Opening of partners’ village and race bibs distribution at Esplanade du lac in St. Jorioz

4pm – 7pm: Opening of transition area (tennis area closed to the beach in St. Jorioz)

7pm: General briefing on the event segments at Esplanade du lac in St. Jorioz

7.30pm – 8.30pm:  Pasta Party at Esplanade du lac in St. Jorioz


Saturday 9tth June

4am – 4:30am: Opening of Bike Parking Area – Transition

4.20am: Participants board boats;

5.15am:  Boats arrive at the starting line and participants go into the water

5.30am: Race starts

5.00pm: Estimated time of 1st arrival at the summit

5.30pm: The “Tournant” closes, competitors may no longer climb up the Semnoz

Midnight: Timing stops

7pm – 1 am: Transition area is open for competitors to pick up their stuff


Sunday 10tth June

9am – 11am: Transition area is open for competitors to pick up their stuff

11am: lunch and prize-giving at Esplanade du lac in St. Jorioz


Article 9: cut-off times

There are prescribed cut-off times, after which competitors will be disqualified. It is in the interest of all that these cut-off times are enforced, as they are of utmost importance to the health and safety of the participants. The cut-off times are as follows:

7:30am: Cut-off time for swim – competitors arriving after this time are not permitted to mount their bikes and go on to the cycle segment of the race

1.00pm:  Cut-off time for Col des Près (km 91) bike section – competitors arriving after this time must go back to St. Jorioz directly without performing the 2nd section to Lescheraines.

6pm: Cut-off time for cycle finish – competitors arriving after this time are not permitted to continue onto the run segment of the race.

Midnight: Timing stops – the finish line will be closed from this moment on and competitors must halt their efforts and withdraw from the race.

One of the organisation’s referees will be present at the disqualification area for each cut-off time. Competitors arriving after the cut-off times are required to hand their number bibs in to this referee and will be considered disqualified from that moment on. They are then responsible for reaching the finish line by their own means.

The Semnoz climb may be closed in the event of poor weather conditions. Competitors will be informed about this on Friday at the race Briefing. The organisation reserves the right to modify cut-off times according to weather conditions.


Article 10 : An environmentally responsible triathlon
AlpsMan takes place in an exceptional natural setting. We are counting on you to respect the places that welcome you, by not throwing debris on the ground outside the clean-up areas. Any competitor caught throwing rubbish on the ground intentionally will be disqualified immediately.


Article 11: Event changes or cancellation


If there is an event’s cancellation at the initiative of the organizer, the organizer undertakes to refund to 80% of the participants’ registration fees. Refunds will be made by bank transfer.

No additional costs incurred to participate in the event will be refund.

Case of “Force majeure”:

The organizer’s liability cannot be incurred if, for a case of “force majeure” or beyond its control, the event had to be modified, shortened or cancelled. In this case, registration fees and ancillary costs will not be refunded.

The following are defined as cases of force majeure: security reasons, bad weather, attacks or any other unpredictable, irresistible events beyond the control of the parties, which could give rise to fears of a bad development of the event.

Any changes, including in case of “force majeure”, to these rules may be published notably by advertisement on the event website. They shall be considered as annexes to this Regulation. Any participant will be deemed to have accepted the change or modification as of the date of entry into force, simply because of his/her participation in the event.


Article 12: expulsion

The organisers reserve the right to expel one or more competitors who fail to comply with basic sports rules, good sportsmanship rules or the safety instructions given by the organisation.

Similarly, the medical staff is authorized to suspend or expel any competitor who takes risks that can impair his health, his life or that of others.

Failure to follow the prescribed course in its entirety, taking shortcuts or using any other unfair means to gain advantage over other competitors will result in disqualification.

Deliberately throwing rubbish on the ground on the course will also result in disqualification.


Article 14: registrations and withdrawals

The platform for registration is

Registration fees increase : the registration fees basic to 350€ are valid until 31 December 2017 at 11:59 pm. After this date, they will increase to 399 €.


Withdrawal: Registration fees can be refunded, minus a €10 handling fee, until 15th May 2018. There will be no refunds after this date. Refunds will only be given upon presentation of a medical certificate.


Article 15: insurance

– Civil liability: in compliance with the law, the organizers have signed an insurance contract No. 6658245504 with AXA insurance covering the consequences of their civil liability, those of their representatives and those of all participants in Alpsman. An insurance certificate will be provided to any participant upon request.

– Personal Accident: A Personal Accident insurance has been contracted for all participants with the insurer Allianz IARD.


Article 16: image reproduction rights and the CNIL (French data protection authority)

By participating in the Alpsman 2018, each competitor expressly authorizes the organization (or those authorized by the organisation) to use, cause to be used, reproduce or cause to be reproduced, their name, picture, voice and sporting performance for any direct, indirect or derived form of exploitation of the event and this, on all media, worldwide, by every means known or unknown to this date, and for the term of protection currently given to these direct, indirect or derived forms of exploitation by laws or regulations, judiciary decisions and / or arbitration of any country as well as by current or future international conventions including any extensions that may be made to this duration.


In compliance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, you have a right to access and rectify data that concerns you. Through us, you may receive commercial offers from other companies or organizations. If you do not wish to receive these, simply write to us stating your full name and address.