AlpsMan Xperience : registrations are open !

Sunday 10th June 2018 

Courses : natation, trail ou vélo

The concept

The AlpsMan Xperience is an invitation to live a part of the AlpsMan Xtrem Triathlon unique adventure  on the race of your choice.

The Sunday 10th June, we propose you 3 distinct races of your choiceswimming, trail / running or cycling, all inspired by the queen race in smaller sizes.

For the AlpsMan Xtrem Triathlon second edition, organisers wished that everyone could live a part of the unique adventure. Consequently, they have made a new project: the AlpsMan Xperience.


This 3 races have the same unique place “le Lac d’Annecy “!

The races

L’AlpsMan Xperience SWIMMING

Start from a boat for an unseen 1,9km lake crossing from Menthon-Saint-Bernard to St-Jorioz beach.

> Start : 7am

L’AlpsMan Xperience RUNNING

This 16,5km and 1300+ meters race brings you to the Semnoz top for a wonderful finish of the Annecy “roof” facing the Mont-Blanc massif.

> Start : 8am

L’AlpsMan Xperience CYCLING

29km climb time of the Semnoz with breathtaking panorama.

> Départ : 9am

Départ bateau AlpsMan Xperience Natation
Montée du Semnoz
Grimpée du Semnoz cyclisme

Several options

  • 1 race :

You choose between swimming, running or cycling and there will be an individual ranking on the race you select.

  • Cumuler 2 épreuves : 

According to your level, you can do 2 races :
> swimming and running
> swimming and cycling

Times are not add up, there will be an individual ranking on each race.

  • AlpsMan Xperience Team 

You want to share the adventure ? The AlpsMan Xperience gives you the possibiliy to make team of 3 people (team ranking, accumulation of the 3 times).